Launch Editor

Ballpoint is an experimental new vector graphics editor. It's available as a free to use web application.


The current version has support for:

  • Vector shapes composed of lines and cubic bezier curves
  • Boolean operations on geometry
  • Multi-line text blocks
  • Undos/redos and other state persisted between sessions
  • Pixel (digital) and point (print) based documents
  • SVG import
  • SVG, PDF, and PNG export
  • BPS, "ballpoint source" native file format
  • Offline support


Click below to try out a few example documents! Or, create a new document to start fresh.

Hard working gopherUS Letter sized poster designLEGO logo from SVGHandicap iconStarbucks logo from SVGSpectre logo from SVGBoolean operationsGoogle logo from SVGGumby and Pippy


Future versions will add support for:

  • Gradients
  • Shareable Documents
  • Integration with Dropbox, GDrive, SkyDrive
  • Stroke to fill conversion
  • Text to fill conversion
  • PDF import


Suggestions? Bugs? Something else? We'd love to hear from you!